Herbert's 3 F's; Faith, Family and Friends

Over the weekend at the Eko Hotel Grand Ballroom. Members of the City of David, Lagos Nigeria threw a special birthday dinner for their brother and fellow worshiper Herbert. The event was filled with Herbert’s Family and Friends, they all enjoyed the entertainment and heartfelt tributes made by colleagues, friends and his beautiful wife, Doreen Wigwe.

Roosevelt Ogonna an Executive Director and 20 year-long colleague and friend of Herbert gave guests a work-related view of Herbert describing him as a “go-getter, disciplined and determined”. Cosmos Maduka the owner of Coscharis Motors also gave a tribute describing Herbert from his own personal perspective. Cosmos explained the importance of choosing the right friends with the right life goals, he said the right friendships are very important as it plays a huge part in taking one to greater places in their personal and work life. Mr Dere Otubu also gave a tribute on his friend, Herbert.

The event was described as a living representative of his motto of the “3 Fs” Faith, Family and Friends. At the event, Herbert described the simplicity of the 3 Fs, yet how important it is to get the order right to ensure a good work-life balance. According to Herbert Faith comes first as you cannot do anything successfully without God, Family second, if the home is not in order, nothing else can function properly, finally according to Herbert, the right Friends are very important for moral support and positivity.

Herbert also gave a heart-felt tribute to his wife, describing her as his perfect match and how she plays a vital role in his work-life balance.