Building The Most Respected African Bank

Our vision at Access Bank is to become “The World’s Most Respected African Bank”. This is an aim which we work towards in everything we do as a company. It is in the details from our work ethics, the way we treat all our staff, regardless of job title.

Nigeria’s global reputation in the banking industry has improved tremendously in the last decade. This improved reputation is owed to the CBN’s commercial bank 25 billion naira recapitalisation and consolidation exercise in 2005. The exercise was initiated by the then CBN Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo, which led to a stronger capital base and increased foreign interests as well as investments in the Nigerian banking industry.

In the 90’s, many commercial banks failed and closed down taking the life savings of thousands of Nigerians with them. The trust in the banking industry waned. Consumers were leery of saving or investing in the banking industry. Nigerian consumers felt safer investing and using commercial banks since the 2005 consolidation exercise. The higher capital base went a long way in garnering trust and sanitising the banking sector. Today, the Nigerian consumers trust banks better and are more willing to invest or save in commercial banks.

At the end of 2005, Access bank was one of the 25 banks who were successful in the consolidation and recapitalization exercise. The number of banks in Nigeria reduced from 89 to 25. Access bank’s slogan of “Speed, Service, and Security” can be seen in the way we have survived the global financial meltdown and the shakeups in the Nigerian banking sector. Access bank has been able to compete favourably with other banks in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Access bank is recognised as one of the top banking brands in Africa. We were ranked among the top 500 banking brands by The Banker Magazine in 2015.

Access bank Plc. has grown by leaps and bound since it was acquired by Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede and myself in 2002. From an ailing commercial bank, Access bank has been transformed into one of the top 5 banks in Nigeria. Even with the downturn in the world global market, Access bank has raised over $1 billion in public offerings as of 2008.

Access bank is at the forefront of innovation in banking in Nigeria. We are currently listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). We also have an AA- (strong) rating based on the S&P index.

We are an equal opportunity employer as we recognise the leadership roles women can play in the growth and developmental future of our bank. Access bank supports women via the W-initiative and alike. Many of our top performing departments have women leaders which have increased our confidence and paid back our initial trust in granting women the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

At Access bank, we believe the youths are the youth are ahead of the trend, they know how to get tasks done quickly, in this technological age, we always look to the younger ones to show us how to get the hardest of tasks done quick and conveniently. This is why we launched the Inbetweeners Programme for pre-NYSC Nigerian graduates to gain knowledge and experience what it’s like to work in a world renowned bank. Our internships programs have also nurtured some of the brightest minds in many of our departments as well as those who go on to work in other banks and sectors of the economy.

When it comes to Speed, Service and Security Access Bank continually evolves, providing new solutions to consumer related issues, confronting and adapting to threats within the local and international environment. We understand the changing dynamics of the world we live in today at Access bank. We have a 5-year rolling plan to become the World’s Most Respected African Bank by the year 2017. With our rapid adaptation and innovative skills and support of our strong customer base, we will reach this milestone and hopefully more.